Statement of support

Public Affairs Cymru (PAC) is disappointed to note that public affairs professionals were recently singled out on social media with an implicit threat to their career by a Member of the Senedd.

A unique strength of the Senedd is the working relationship held between MS’s and public affairs professionals, one of respect and professionalism. In our experience all parties in Wales have typically been open to engaging in a constructiveand transparent manner. We hope to see this continue.

It is the nature of public affairs that those engaged are politically interested and aware. These professionals are entitled to hold an opinion, and they should not find themselves pressured by those in a position of power from expressing it.

To seek to silence someone from expressing an opinion by implying in doing so they may jeopardise their career is unhealthy for our shared Welsh democracy. Furthermore, it is a tactic to shut down debate, not engage in it.

The public affairs sector is a vibrant and diverse community full of policy ideas with much to offer Wales.

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