Membership of PAC is open to anyone working within public affairs and government relations in Wales. In joining PAC you must also adhere to our Code of Conduct. You must sign a copy of the code of conduct and send it to for your membership to be approved. Once we have received a signed copy of the code of conduct you will then be sent your membership number.

The Code of Conduct is available here:

Code of Conduct for Public Affairs Cymru (2022)

Joining PAC has never been easier and can be done online. There are a number of different membership options available to suit everyone. For those whose organisations will be paying for their membership we recommend expensing back the cost of membership. To do this simply request a receipt when you send you code of conduct.

Individual Membership (Monthly rate)
Direct Debit of £5 a month.

Individual Membership (Yearly rate)
Direct debit of £42 a year.

Associate Membership (Access to PAC events & training for those who do not work in public affairs)
Direct debit of £22 a year.

Organisational Membership
(This is a membership plan for organisations not individuals).
£150 one off payment for 3 years. Maximum 2 people.

For organisations purchasing Organisational Membership who require a purchase order in order to pay by BACS, please email us at to request an invoice.You must then send us up to two copies of the code of conduct, each signed by the individuals you would like to have membership of Public Affairs Cymru. This membership can be transferred to another individual at any point during the lifetime of the membership. If you require membership for more than two members of your organisation, please contact us at