Announcement: PAC Annual Dinner and Reception, 14 October

Your Public Affairs Cymru Executive Committee has taken the difficult decision to postpone our Annual Dinner and Reception originally scheduled for 14 October.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly and we recognise that PAC members were eagerly looking forward to reconnecting in-person for the first time in more than 18 months.

However, given the current public health situation, the news that Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru postponed their Autumn conferences and the forecasted demand on the NHS, we have agreed that postponing the event is a necessary step if we are to play our part in keeping Wales safe.

The Annual Dinner and Reception will now take place on 28th April 2022 at Portland House, Cardiff. Further details will be announced in the New Year.

Tickets purchased for the event will be valid for the new date. No further action is required. If you have already purchased a ticket and wish to have the cost refunded, please contact

We will keep ticket sales live so tickets may be purchased at any time between now and next April. We’d like to express our sincere thanks to PAC members for their understanding.

Cyhoeddiad: Cinio a Derbyniad Blynyddol MCC, 14 Hydref

Mae eich Pwyllgor Gweithredol Materion Cyhoeddus Cymru wedi gwneud y penderfyniad anodd i ohirio ein Cinio a Derbyniad Blynyddol â drefnwyd yn wreiddiol ar gyfer 14 Hydref.

Nid yw hwn yn benderfyniad yr ydym wedi’i wneud yn hawdd ac rydym yn cydnabod oedd aelodau MCC yn edrych ymlaen yn eiddgar i ailgysylltu’n bersonol am y tro cyntaf mewn mwy na 18 mis. Fodd bynnag, o ystyried y sefyllfa iechyd cyhoeddus, y newyddion bod Llafur Cymru a Plaid Cymru wedi gohirio eu cynadleddau Hydref a’r galw â ragwelir ar y GIG, rydym wedi cytuno bod gohirio’r digwyddiad yn gam angenrheidiol os ydym am chwarae ein rhan i gadw Cymru yn ddiogel.

Bydd y Cinio Blynyddol a’r Dderbynfa nawr yn cael ei gynnal ar 28 Ebrill 2022 yn Tŷ Portland, Caerdydd. Mi fydd manylion pellach ar gael yn y flwyddyn newydd.

Bydd y tocynnau â brynir ar gyfer y digwyddiad yn ddilys ar gyfer y dyddiad newydd. Nid oes angen gweithredu ymhellach. Os ydych eisoes wedi prynu tocyn ac yn dymuno ad-dalu’r gost, cysylltwch  

Byddwn yn cadw y tudalen Eventbrite yn fyw felly gellir prynu tocynnau ar unrhyw adeg rhwng nawr a mis Ebrill nesaf. Diolch yn fawr iawn am eich dealltwriaeth.

Public Affairs Cymru response to switching to fortnightly Senedd Committee meetings, July 2021

Cutting Committee meeting frequency will reduce the voice of Wales at large.

Public Affairs Cymru has expressed serious concern about the reduction of Senedd Committee meetings agreed by the Senedd’s Business Committee. This decision was seemingly taken without external consultation and to many will only have come to light when highlighted by Alun Davies MS.

Committees serve both to scrutinise the work of Welsh Government and also to expose all MSs to new ideas from specialists in their field. Slashing the number of meetings each Committee holds will reduce both constructive criticism and diversity of thought in our Welsh democracy.

Public Affairs Cymru is calling for the retention of the same frequency of Committee meetings as during the fifth Senedd until the case has been made for a reduction. Such a case must include measures that mitigate against the potential reduction in scrutiny and interaction with external stakeholders. Any such changes should require comprehensive consultation with civic society.

New policy paper: ‘The Future of the Public Affairs Workplace in Wales’, June 2021

Your Public Affairs Cymru Executive Committee has published a new policy paper, “The Future of the Public Affairs Workspace in Wales“. The paper provides an overview of some of the advantages and disadvantages that public affairs professionals in Wales have realised since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We felt it was important to emphasise and reflect on the fact that people have had different experiences of working from home depending on personal circumstances.

We’re calling on public affairs employers in Wales to encourage staff input into discussions about the future of home-based working with employees, acknowledging that there is no “one size fits all”. We’re also calling on employers to consider how potential cost savings could be used to support employee professional development and training courses.

The full paper is available here:

New Public Affairs Cymru Welsh language policy

We’ve heard that PAC members have noticed a drop-off in the use of the Welsh language in recent years. We want to put this right and have committed to doing this, as much as we can, by drawing up a Welsh language policy to guide the Executive Committee’s engagement and communication with members. You can read it in full via the link below:

Public Affairs Cymru response to the proposed Code of Conduct for Members of the Senedd

Public Affairs Cymru, on behalf of our members, has responded to the proposed new Code of Conduct for Members of the Senedd. To download the response in full, click the link below.