Public Affairs Cymru (PAC) is a volunteer-run membership organisation for public affairs professionals in Wales. Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds – commercial public affairs agencies, PR companies, the voluntary sector, trade associations, advocacy groups and professional bodies who all share a common desire to ensure that public affairs and lobbying activities are undertaken professionally and responsibly. PAC was established in 2006 and now has around 150 members.

In 2018 we published our code of conduct. Public Affairs Cymru recognises that lobbying and public affairs activity is an entirely legitimate and a vital part of Welsh democracy and its members are committed to:

• Safeguarding the reputation of the public affairs profession;

• Encouraging best practice amongst public affairs professionals;

• Promoting wherever possible the work of public affairs professionals operating in Wales.

As far as is reasonably possible, Public Affairs Cymru engages with it’s membership in Welsh and in English.